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Thank you for your interest in Jim's Photos! If you're looking for great quality photography at affordable prices, you've come to the right place! With Jim's Photos, you get great images instead of just a snapshot.

Whether your photography interest is: Portraits; Sports; School / Senior; Concerts; Weddings; Graduations; Birthdays; Family Groups; or Events; Modeling; Holiday; Real Estate; Construction Work; Trains / Boats; Industrial / Commercial; Advertising; Outdoor; Indoor or just about anything you want, I can do it all!

There are 4 ways to contact Jim's Photos: 1) Phone / US Mail - 2) Information Request Form - 3) E-Mail - or 4) Feedback Form. Please use the contact information below and I will reply to you as quickly as possible. xxx

Jim's Photos
P O Box 14592
Madison, WI 53708-0592
Phone: 608-241-8267

Photo Sessions / Prints / DVD's. Use our
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Information Request: This form is used to request information on services you would like. If you would like to order prints, please see our pricing page.

Feedback: If you were a recent Jim's Photos customer or have had photo work done by us in the past, we want to know how well we did. Please tell us what you think about our products, services or web site. Thanks for visiting the site. We look forward to your seeing you soon!

Jim's Photos Mailing List: If you would like to be the first to know when photo events are posted, please be sure to subscribe to our new Jim's Photos mailing list. This can also be used to general discussions on topics of interest to the group.

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New System:
Good News! The order process is now automated. Use the button below to see my photo ordering system for viewing photos and ordering prints and other neat stuff. On this site, use the "Buy" button to purchase the photos you are interested in. You will be given many options to choose from.
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Photos Complete Notification: If you would like to be notified when photos for a particular event are posted, click the Soon! Notify me when photos are posted. (Coming Soon) next to the event you are interested in and tell me what you are interested in. I will try to give that event priority. I have photos for all the events listed, however, not all events are posted yet. If you would like a specific event posted,
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